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    Top 5 Weird Sports Streaks

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  • Ask any sports fan to name some of the more popular and prominent sports streaks and you’ll probably hear about the 1972 Miami Dolphins, who are the only undefeated team in NFL history. Or perhaps about Cal Ripken’s 17-year, 2,632-consecutive games streak. Or even Lance Armstrong’s seven consecutive Tour De France victories.

    You’ll know you have a true sports fan on your hands if they happen to mention any of the following notable sports streaks.

    Coin Toss Probability

    Flip a coin enough times and you should get an equal number of heads and tails outcomes. Tell that to the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League and they might laugh or tell you to get lost. See, to add to an already tough season, which has seen the Panthers amass a dismal record of 4-9, they have lost every coin toss to start a game this season. Until the unthinkable happened against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 14, the streak stood at the unlucky number 13.

    They’re Only Free If You Make Them

    Fifteen feet isn’t too far to toss a basketball, right? Throw up enough shots and some of them will go in, even if by luck. Chris Dudley might beg to differ. While wearing a Portland Blazers jersey back in 1990, the now-retired Dudley went to the free-throw line 18 times in that game. At one point he’d missed 13 in a row, and one of the 17 he ultimately missed that night was a complete air ball. Even Shaq never missed that many in a game.

    Remember the Sabbath

    It becomes very hard to argue a point when something keeps happening over and over again. The Colorado Rockies of Major League Baseball currently hold an MLB record with 17 consecutive losses on Sunday. It’s an incredible streak when you think about it because that’s a minimum of 17 consecutive weeks, or pretty much 2/3rds of the entire baseball season. For fans of opposing teams, 2011 was a great season if you happened to play the Rockies on a Sunday.

    What’s in a Name?

    Okay, so this isn’t a sports-specific streak, it’s certainly sports related and exceedingly noteworthy. Jim Rome, the acerbic and quick-witted radio and television sports host and commentator, interviewed at least one person named “Rex” for 20 consecutive shows. This was back in 2009 and included guys like Rex Ryan, Rex Hudler, and of course Rex Grossman. Rome’s final guest was U.S. astronaut Rex Walheim who agreed to do the show just to keep the streak going.

    When it Rains, it Pours

    Okay, I’ll admit this headline is a little misleading, but it kind of works when you consider droughts that have nothing to do with the weather. Anyway, the City of Cleveland has suffered through 46-years without a professional championship in any sport. This is particularly amazing when you consider the Cleveland Indians have put together many excellent baseball seasons, the Cleveland Browns have had some NFL glory, and the Cleveland Cavs once had LeBron James on their basketball squad. For a city with at least three professional teams, this is an unmatched streak and one that no other city wants.

    What is your favorite trend in sports?


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