2012Jun 13 3:11 pm

    University of Maryland Football Team to Get New Field

    By Brooke COMMENT
  • Last year the University of Maryland football team went 2-10, but man they looked good doing it. They changed their uniforms last year, away from the traditional red and white that identified the Terrapins for decades, to bright yellow and black with red highlights not too far off from the look of the Maryland state flag.

    It’s a good thing too, because there was little else to talk about when it came to Maryland football. One thing the school did notice, however, was the increase in sales for licensed team merchandise. Apparently the new togs were a hit with fans, who otherwise had every reason to ignore the flailing squad, which managed to beat Miami-Florida and powerhouse Towson University from just up the road near Baltimore, a training school for teachers.

    Seems sales were brisk enough to have school officials wondering what else they could do to generate additional revenue. It’s unclear if actually winning more than two football games per season was discussed or not, but topping the list of revenue-generators, and just ahead of a bake sale, was to lay down a new field.

    Perhaps inspired by the blue field at Boise State University, it’s on good authority that university officials are considering a non-traditional field. It’s already known that the new field will be made from a synthetic surface, which makes it infinitely easier to color from end zone to end zone, but what color?

    Rumor has it the new field would match the new “state flag” uniforms donned last season, but that’s not the only rumor. A black field has also been mentioned, as well as pewter.

    Personally, I’m a fan of non-traditional fields, particularly at the collegiate level, and I wonder why more schools haven’t followed Boise State’s lead. College athletics tend to scream “home field” and “home colors” and “our mascot can take your mascot,” so why shouldn’t the field punctuate school spirit?

    The school has announced the new field will be in place by its September 1 opening game against the Boys and Girls, also known as William and Mary. From our perspective a yellow field would be awesome, would be a little easier on the eyes than the blue field in Boise, and would give Terps fans everywhere something besides their team to cheer about!

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