2012Sep 26 3:11 pm

    Top GIFs From NFL Week 3

    By Porter COMMENT
  • Welcome to the best moments from NFL week three. We have great plays and big hits, but we have to start in Seattle with the replacement refs.

    This may be the worst call ever. Is it possible Ed Hochuli has this playing on a permanent loop in his house?


    I’ve never seen an official throw his hat onto the field. I can’t believe that this play was the second worst mistake from the replacement refs.


    Jared Odrick does the PeeWee dance to celebrate a sack and I must give him the award for the best celebration dance of the season.


    Nate Washington with the best catch of the week.


    When was the last time you saw Patriots defenders give this little effort?


    Is this what the Jets really had in mind for Tim Tebow? Why is he running routes in the passing game?


    Deion Branch gets leveled by the Ravens D.


    Matt Schaub lost a part of his ear during this hit.


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