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    Best NBA Teams That Make You Want NBA League Pass

    By Andy COMMENT
  • For all you NBA super fans out there, the NBA League Pass makes it possible for you to never miss another televised game again. A subscription to the NBA League Pass gives die-hard basketball fans access to as many as 40 games per week. Available through nearly every cable and satellite provider, the Pass can be yours for only $179. And if laying down that chunk of change seems daunting, they’ve made sure that price will not prohibit you from cheering on your favorite team – NBA League Pass is also available for four payments of $44.75.

    One of the best things about NBA League Pass is that it gives basketball fans exposure to games that either aren’t nationally broadcast or aren’t shown in their local viewing area. And there’s plenty of excitement on the court this season to keep subscribers glued to their Barcaloungers – here’s a look at the must-watch teams that totally make the NBA League Pass worth it.

    LA Clippers

    The Clippers are a must-see team if for no other reason than Blake Griffin. For fans who love watching a talented giant fly through the air and sink the ball in the net with ridiculous ferocity, catching as many Clippers games as possible is a no-brainer.

    Minnesota Timberwolves

    One of the most promising young teams out there, the Timberwolves are poised to shake up the NBA world this season. And with most of their games missing out on a national broadcast, the NBA League Pass is your front-row seat to all the on-court awesomeness this team is sure to deliver. Kevin Love is arguably the best power forward out there and watching his mastery of the court and everyone on it is more than enough to make fans tune in to the Timberwolves.

    Indiana Pacers

    After an appearance in the Eastern Conference semifinals last year, this exhilarating team is sure to deliver even more heart-pumping action this season. The Pacers deliver excitement and tension with both Paul George’s mad dunking skills and the 7’2” Roy Hibbert blocking everything that comes his way. There’s no doubt this hungry team is aiming for another shot at the Eastern Conference finals – and watching them strive to get there will be a rollicking ride.

    Denver Nuggets

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the Nuggets are playing basketball or some new interpretation of track and field. This team keeps everyone on their toes – especially their opponents, as they run them up and down the court in some of the fastest-paced games you’ll ever see. Add to that their high-scoring offense and you’d be crazy to miss one second of this team that truly gives every other team a run for their money.

    Oklahoma City Thunder

    The Thunder are sure to make some noise again this season, after taking the Heat to five games in last year’s NBA Finals. Chock full of exciting players who are on the rise to super-stardom, this team is one of the most entertaining to watch. Between James Harden and Russell Westbrook, the Thunder always put on one hell of a show. Westbrook keeps fans glued to the screen waiting to see if he’s going to pull out a fantastic dunk or choke – both of which are worth watching. And super scorer Kevin Durant never disappoints with his heart-stopping, down-to-the-wire shots that have everyone holding their breath.

    Which teams make it worth it for you to have the NBA League Pass?


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